FY2010 ITP Report Meeting of International Exchange Program

Research and results with our partner institutes; Imperial College London(UK), University of Erlangen-Nürnberg(Germany)and ENSCI/ Université de Limoges(France) have been reported at the meeting and it became as an opportunity to hear the valuable experience and latest results in foreign countries.

Date: August 30, 2011(Tue.), 10:30-12:15
Place: Building No.2, F2, Room221

Report(Long-term program)

1.Akiko OBATA (Assistant professor)

Sent to
Imperial College London, UK(2009.10.2-2010.9.25)
Research Theme
Development of organic/inorganic hybrids for hard-tissue reconstruction

2.Takeshi YOKOTA (Assistant professor)

Sent to
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany(2010.7.10-2010.10.7)
Research Theme
Preparation of magnetic oxide ceramics for oxygen sensors

3.Kie FUJIKURA (1st year of doctor’s course)

Sent to
Imperial College London, UK(2010.3.1-2010.8.24,2010.9.21-2010.12.27)
Research Theme
Development of polymer-ceramic hybrids/composites and glassy Biomaterials for bone regeneration: Spectroscopic analysis for their structural analysis

4.Hiromasa SHIIBA (1st year of doctor’s course)

Sent to
Imperial College London, UK(2010.7.1-2011.1.22,2011.2.28-2011.6.30)
Research Theme
Oxygen diffusion mechanism of perovskite GdBaCo2O5+δ and related materials

5.Toshiki SUHARA (2nd year of master’s course)

Sent to
École Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle(ENSCI), France(2010.10.1-2011.2.17)
Research Theme
Rare-earth doping of tellurite glasses and elaboration of transparent tellurite glass-ceramics

Report(Short-term program))

6.Jin NAKAMURA (1st year of doctor’s course)

ICL-NITech Joint Seminar(UK)(2010.8.1-2010.8.10)

7.Akihito MORI (2nd year of master’s course)

ICL- NITech Joint Seminar(UK)(2010.8.1-2010.8.10)

8.Yohei ISHIKAWA (2nd year of master’s course)

Limoges- NITech Joint Summer School(France)(2010.9.7-2010.9.12)

Nagoya Institute of Technology Institute of Ceramics Research and Education